Batstorm Murders

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In 2004, some friends decided to inadvertedly become the x-factor in NZ's underground extreme music scene.

From then on, The Batstorm Murders played many shows mainly in Hamilton, at youthzone, ward lane, a vampire ball, and a rocky horror picture show themed gig in drag, recorded one song, pissed alot of people off, made some loyal fans.

We sang songs about decadence, veganism, the corruption in the modern world, and sexual deviancy. But it all came across as a mish-mash of gorey noises, burps, squeals and deathgrunts with occasional keyboards.

Then all got lost in a circus of genre-shifts and unexplainable personality changes and all was lost in a split second, luckily we got pics, or it didn't happen.

Skeeter and Sean plan to pick up as many of the pieces of info as possible, so search your hard drives, your porn folders, your photobucket accounts, handycam tapes, and give whatever you can to us!

Band Members

samsam - vocals

sean - vocals

skeeter - guitars

kalem - bass

nadine - keyboard

jared - drums

other sam - vocals

karl - original vocalist

Members went on to join/re-join/create/destroy the following bands, and others:

Antagonist, Black Heart Endeavour, Cold By Winter, Dead Hero, Force Fed Trauma, In Dread Response, Slipping Tongue, Strangers,

Influences: molasses tavern, bodies in the gears of the apparatus, inflatable flamingoes, ion dissonance, as the sun sets, daughters, the sawtooth grin, into the moat, dillinger escape plan, botch, torn apart by horses, HORSE the band, the locust, an albatross Sounds Like: We came to the conclusion, the description "a coven of witches having a disco in the forest" is the only fitting one. Record Label: ignore any x's/straight edge apparel ;)