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The band started in Hamilton in 1994. Its four members - Paul Smith (guitar/vocals), Brent Soper (casiotone/drum machine), Dominic Worthington (vocals), Kyle Smith (guitar) - were all friends who had been involved in various performance events and were associated with Clan McGillicuddy and The McGillicuddy Serious Party. Inspired in part by the antics of Wendyhouse, the Big Muffin Serious Band and The Residents, Avant Garbage attempted to integrate performance into the music. Costumes, dance, props, toys and various other instruments were used in and around their songs. They played quirky original compositions with some rock overtones. Gigs included at Waikato University's Wailing Bongo and the basement of the notorious 56 Memorial Drive. They did have one or two die-hard fans.... An album length casette, 'de compost collection' was recorded by Greg Locke of Orange Recordings. The review in Real Groove magazine was reasonably complimentary.

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