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Bassist Alan Deare was originally in a Rotorua band called Number Thieves along with Jonathan Armstrong. He and Armstrong formed Book of Martyrs in about 1988 and moved to Hamilton in 1990, continuing with the group until 1993. Deare and Armstrong shared vocal duties in the band, and Deare's distinctive style of bass playing was one of several unique aspects of the band's overall instrumentation to distinguish them on the New Zealand music scene at the time.

In 1995 Deare was also the bassist for Gas. In 1996 he completed a degree in media arts at the Waikato Institute of Technology, and headed to Auckland's Inhouse Design Inc. He has since produced critically acclaimed work for galleries such as Objectspace and Anna Miles, and recently received the Spectrum Book Design Award for Best Cover.

Between 2002 and 2003 he was also a member of Henderwood.

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