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Adam Hyde

Adam Hyde was a member of Mudpeople, Jam Sandwich, The Waldos, Fluke and the Emersons, the music editor for Nexus in 1992, and manager of Contact 89FM from 1993 to 1996 after applying unsuccessfully 2 times before. In 1991 he produced the music fanzine Garbage, the focus of which was almost exclusively Hamilton music and somewhere before that he co-organised the Deep Fried Orgasmic Ambience Gig which lead to him being appointed (and later fired) by Nazrudin Ukranic as the Student Events organiser. He initiated and hosted the show Urban Jangle on Contact 89FM, which ran from August 1993 to late 1996, that played 100% Hamilton music. He wrote a series of important articles on the history of Contact 89FM for Nexus in 1992, titled Making Contact. He also wrote several "rumours" columns and articles on Hamilton music for Rip it Up and the Waikato Times. While in Hamilton, Adam also helped establish and managed Static TV, and started the Hamilton Battle of the Bands series, and the Fridge Recording Studios. He also curated the two Fridge compilation CDs and later (when managing BFM), put together the God Save the Clean compilation which featured three Hamilton bands.

On leaving Hamilton, Hyde was initially CEO for 95bFM in Auckland (making him the only student radio manager to manage two stations in the Student Radio Network), where he also founded He relocated to South Australia in the late 1990s. In 1998 he founded "Radioqualia" with Honor Harger, initially as an art collaboration, but which evolved into a net broadcaster. Moving to Amsterdam in 1999, Hyde co-founded HelpB92 and Open Channels for Kosovo, which assisted independent media in the former Yugoslavia. Since leaving Hamilton, Adam has been working as a software artist and musician under the name "eset", including a performance under this name at the 1998/1999 The Gathering New Years concert.

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