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Jon Austin (vocals, guitar), CaptainHook (guitar, vocals), Jarod Brown (drums, vocals) and Shannon Brown (bass, vocals) were friends well before 48May. Hook and Jon went to Hamilton Boys' High School together, where Jon was head boy, and have been writing music together for years, while the Brown brothers are both well known on the New Zealand music circuit for their roles in bands such as Mama Said and Tadpole.

They have achieved fame and success within New Zealand, including a place on the New Zealand leg of the 2005 Big Day Out and Edgefest 05 tour. They have also done support slots with Alien Ant Farm and Steriogram, amongst others.

Band members

  • Jon Austin (vocals, guitar)
  • Captain Hook (guitar, vocals)
  • Shannon Brown (bass, vocals)
  • Jarod Brown (drum, vocals)

Albums released

  • The Mad Love (2004) #19 NZ
  • The Mad Love Tour Edition (2005)


  • Fightback
  • Come Back Down
  • Leather and Tattoos #14 NZ
  • Home By 2 #11 NZ
  • Into The Sun
  • Things That Fall Apart (featuring Kid Deft from Fast Crew)

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