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Lady Hamilton advert 1976
Lady Hamilton advert 1982

Lady Hamilton was a Hamilton rock venue from the 1970s through to around 1986, located at 30 Barton St (which from 1978 changed name to 30 Alexandra St). The venue had previously been Tabla 2, and later became Shakes nightclub, and since the 2000s has been the site of Altitude.

Bands that played at Lady Hamilton included Hello Sailor (11 December 1977), Th' Dudes (25 April 1978), Mi-sex (25-27 March 1979), Flight X-7 (21 September 1980), The Narcs on 12 September 1982, Rose Bayonet (6-9 January 1982), DD Smash (11 April 1982; Cool Banana's tour), The Narcs (12 August 1982) and Peking Man, while The Politicians had a 10 year residence there, during both the Lady Hamilton and Shakes years.