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The Clerics were a three piece band based in Hamilton, New Zealand. They play short tunes with bass, keys, guitar, drums and voice.

Clerics live shows were lively affairs.


  • Mahaj Baldavich: drums/voice
  • Vince Cunnington: bass/voice
  • Babar keys/guitar/voice


The Clerics formed in mid-late 2004 and played their first live show in October 2004. In February 2005 The Clerics released their debut album Graveyard of the Dead, a nine track album (with bonus video Cautions). In June 2005 The Clerics commenced a nationwide tour with Gadget Goose and Amy Racecar. July/August 2005 saw The Clerics hit the road to support the release of their second album The Bitches Will Fly, with a tour across the North and South Island. October 2005 saw the third album release from them, capping off their year with Desperation on the Dancefloor. This album marked a departure from previous releases by The Clerics with the exclusion of guitars, instead using only voice, bass, keys and programmed drums, due to their drummer being in rehab. The Clerics played around 30 shows through 2005. They last played in late November 2005 and are currently 'broken up'.



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