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"Bombs and Arrows" art

The Beautiful Burn was a band "concieved" in Hamilton in 1998, but not officially formed until 2003 in Auckland. The band's founders included Paul Innes and Evay Judge, previously of The Slit Family. They had the song Introduction included on the 2006 compilation Area 07. In 2008 they released a download-only EP Bombs and Arrows through iTunes. In July 2009 they released a single, Escape from Fire Island (Square Eyes Remix), also through iTunes.

Judge left the band, which based themselves in Melbourne, Australia. In 2009 their lineup was Mark Francis, Paul Innes, Jim McLukie and Stan Bicknell. The band played a number of shows in Melbourne in 2009, but ceased playing around September that year. Innes now has a solo project called Academy Nights.

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