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Tamlyn Martinovich-Faulkner (who generally went by the surname of Martinovich) was a founding member of Janitor's Lung (later Genitus Lung) as their bassist in 1995, along with H. Walker, until the band's demise in about 1998.

He also played keyboards, bass and guitar with Disjecta Membra between 1996 and 1997, and also had an experimental electronic-industrial solo project known as Arj'n Se, which at one time featured Sandra Jensen on vocals.

In late '96 Tamlyn moved to Wellington with Disjecta Membra, before leaving for South East Asia around 1998 or 1999. He later returned to live in Auckland, where he eventually replaced Bevis Langman Painter in AVOTOR alongside former Janitor's Lung co-founder H. Walker from 2004 - 2007; appearing with the band on several releases and both local & international tours.

During this time he meanwhile founded The Shithawks with members of AVOTOR and The Fanatics among others, and remains the principal member behind the group as of 2008. He is still credited as an occasional contributor to Disjecta Membra.