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Others might have different theories why the Hillcrest went from the pub basically every student went to, to the place only a small proportion frequented. Im sure the loss of Club Uni/Bongo and the Riverina must be in there too, as this was the traditional migration route (e.g., Bongo/Club Uni opened 4-4:30ish, leave at 7ish -> Hillcrest, which closed at 12 -> The Riv until closing at 2:30ish). Those were the days...

oh - anyone have a photo? - thedugganaut 15 Sept 06

It was destroyed? Fuck me. I remember when the Warehouse next to it was a 3Guys supermarket. --Danduran 22:47, 22 September 2006 (BST)

Yeah, the 3 Guys had shops attached that stretched towards Clyde St from the eastern side... They were all pulled down to build a warehouse, and now the Hillcrest has been ripped down to build new shops (which may contain a new bar, but students will still have to travel miles to get to a supermarket). - thedugganaut 23 September 06

Yup, it was a beautiful thing coz you could get your groceries and booze and then push a fucking shopping trolley back home. I spent more time and money at the fucken hillcrest than I did at uni! I was very sad to see it gone when I was in town a few weeks ago. I remember the Riv too. I saw the exponents at hillcrest in like 1996 or something and Jordan Luck was standing up on the monitors and leaning out over the audience and everyone in the moshpit was reaching up to touch him and he thought he was at wembly or something so I reached up and grabbed his balls. He mustve thought it was one of the chicks in the crowd coz he didnt do anything about it, but when he finally looked down and saw yours fucken truly holding him by the bags the look on his face was priceless. Good times. xxx St Lucy x

On the topic of that bar trail, there was a book written shortly after the 81 Springbok protests that described an angry mob (nails in planks, home-made molotovs, the works) making their way up Clyde, picking up the mobs from the Riverina and The Hilly as it passed on its way to beat up one of the protest organisers on Knighton Road. Ah Hamilton.

The Clyde Tavern has rebranded itself as 'The Riv' (not Riverina, just Riv). I'm curious as to whether it's still a complete quart-bottles-league-and-misogyny munt bar as the Clyde was, or if there's hope for it as a modern-day student bar. Investigation is required.

--Petrajane 03:42, 18 January 2007 (GMT)

There was a little article in the free weekly newspaper a couple of months back about it - it is under new management, ex-Riverina patrons, who wanted to make it have a similar atmosphere somehow. I cant see how they could though - more likely to just darken the name of what was probably the greatest bar ever - thedugganaut 22/1/07