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Woops, Trinket, not the Datsuns, my bad :p -dan

- actually, i guess that was the first of the Generator BOBs? So all the years following that should be on a different page or pages? -thedugganaut

I think I'll move it to just "Battle of the Bands" and specify. - dan.

Seems that is already taken, so I've edited this page to specify what stations were running it at the time. Was the 1998 final Contact or UFM? I know the 2001 one began as UFM then became Generator, as I was half-organising it... --Danduran 08:51, 21 August 2006 (BST)

1998 one was under the UFM umbrella...organised after the takeover, but a Contact one in spirit. Jostling Jay. August 21 2006.

We were running ads asking for entries for the 1998 BoB under the name Contact in the week before closedown (June 1998). Martin Walters did the voiceover from memory. The 1997 BoB heats were held on the first four Thursday nights of the second semester, and the final was on a Saturday night 10 days after the last heat. The timing for the 1998 BoB was similar. I can't remember which nights the heats were in other years or how many heats but think they were similar times of year (start of second semester). Waiheke Vice 22 August 2006

can someone fill in 2005/6 winners? Thanks. -dan.

Did it run? Ive been googling, and find mentions of the 2004 competition, but cant find anything for 2005/2006? - thedugganaut.