Stu's Piecart

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Song by the Mobile Stud Unit, from their 1998 album Blood Spew. Apparently based on a vaguely true story about an actual pie cart in student-dominated Hamilton East in the late 1980s/early 1990s. The pie cart was eventually shut down - whether this occurred before or after the song was released is in dispute.


"Stu's Piecart" lyrics sheet from the Blood Spew Official Songbook

I had a mate
And his name was Stu
His burgers and chips were divine
I ate them all the time
Down at the River City Diner
Till a 1/4 past 3
Stuey always had a joke
And a beer and a smoke for me

Stuey, Goodbye my friend
We'll miss your homestyle cooking
Till the very end

Stuey's buttcrack
Was two foot long
And he had sores on his legs
He'd always be at Eastside Robbie Burns
Sculling back Brewex kegs

But one day the Health Department came
And closed poor old Stuey down
Now we have to go to McDonald's
And see Ronald the fuckface clown

Repeat chorus twice

Aw Stu, I went to Auckland
And when i came back
They said you's died
And Stu, I believed them
And Stu, I cried
Aw Stu, you were my mate
You gave me your suit, I love you
You asked me to live with you
I was son of Stu
I'm sorry I lost your barbeque

Repeat chorus twice