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Soundscape poster, from the July 2010 event

Soundscape have been a series of dance parties, run since 2010, and initiated by Tronik DJs/JAG Promotions' James Lawless and Greg Stack. The first was in March 2010 and was sold out with 1700 attending. The second was in July 2010, which was organised with the help of other DJs, and was attended by 2900. Four clubs were used for the event, Altitude, Gravity, Axces and The Bahama Hut.

The third installment, in March 2011, has continued to expand the event, by including bands (Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers, The Good Fun) and a hip-hop room headlined by DJ Sir-Vere, with performances spread over seven stages both on Alexandra St and in surrounding nightclubs. The event was held again on July 16 2011.

Published Articles[edit]

  • A Brief History of Soundscape, Nexus, 21 February 2011, P12
  • Street Full of Music, Hamilton Press, 23 February 2011, P1-2

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