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"Ghost Town" associated art

Sound the Ocean initially performed as the Nick Kraenzlin Band in 2010, with gigs including the Band Experiments 2011, changing thier name in late-2011. Other performances include the Parachute Festival. In 2013 they released their debut EP Ghost Town, and were signed with label Let The People Speak Entertainment. Most of the members were students or teachers at Vision College School of Music.

The band released their debut album, Wait for the Morning, on September 25 2015, and played their final gig, in October 2015.


  • Nick Kraenzlin (vocals/acoustic guitar)
  • Brendon Rickard (drums)
  • Jason Henderson (electric guitar)
  • Brett Wilson (electric guitar)
  • Jesse Te Weehi (piano/keyboards)
  • Jon Clarke (bass guitar)
  • Amanda Kraenzlin (vocals/percussion)

Published Articles[edit]

  • Success sets sail as band signs manager, Hamilton Press, 19 June 2013, P 26
  • Families come first: Band launches debut album with final gig, Waikato Times, 4 October 2015

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