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My Kingdom Falls cover art

Slipping Tongue were a metal/hard rock band from Rotorua, active between 2002 and 2008, of which two members went on to be members of Hamilton bands. The original band, formed at Rotorua Lakes High School, comprised Jennie Skulander (vocals), Rik Cookson (guitar), Micheal Mackie (bass) and Simon Power (drums). Later members included Mark Feaver (guitar), who replaced Cookson, and Jared Dobbs (drums), replacing Power. The band released four EPs, Running For Words, Hypocrite, Grip the Fist and Rusted Tears and Time Shed Nails, as well as an album, My Kingdom Falls.

Skulander went on to Devilskin, while Dobbs went on to Penelope The.

Published Articles[edit]

  • Word of mouth growing on Slipping Tongue, Rotorua Daily Post, 21 September 2005

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