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Marten Ten Broek
Pinecone Lightning is an experimental/folk project of Liberian-born, Raglan based, Marten Ten Broek. Ten Broek released an album titled Pinecone Lightning in 2010, and has since performed under the Pinecone Lightning moniker, including the 2010 Band Experiments 2010. The 16 track album was recorded and produced in Raglan by Tom McCormick. A very limited run of 100 CDs were produced, which were available with hand printed linocut covers. The songs on Pinecone Lightning were written over the course of a decade, athough mostly towards the latter part, in Hamilton, Raglan, and Te Mata in New Zealand, and Ahe in the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. Themes of the songs are of love, sex, death, mermaids, work, remembrance, marijuana, homecoming, depression, hope, superficiality, nationality, peace, joy, and simple pleasures. Instruments used in the recording process included a left handed Fender cutaway acoustic guitar, a right handed Ashton Dreadnought acoustic guitar strung in reverse, a right handed Tokai Gakki classical guitar played upside down, and a J & D Brothers 6-string Banjo. The recording was done utilising a non linear editing process, which allowed for a complex and wide ranging choral effect. Work continues on a second album using similar processes, though with a wider range of instrumentation, including several self-made guitars, violin, cello, and a further selection of percussion instruments.

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