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Pieces of Ass was originally just a suggestion by Dolf de Borst for a Hamilton girl-group. The band itself became a reality in 2001, with original members being Penny Cantlon on guitar and vox, Hannah Creek on bass and vox and Jo Davies on drums.

There were two criteria for being in the band:
1.Member bra size must be at least a D cup.
2.Members are not permitted to play their instruments very well.

Initially, the band only intended to learn one song. And this they did, submitting audiences to a cover of 'I Love Rock n Roll' many times over in the same evening.

Eventually Roz was permitted entry to the band, as a ukelelist/kazooist, but only while she was lactating and wearing a larger cup size. Penny had originally dictated that Roz was only allowed to play triangle, but this idea was abandoned after pressure from the other members in the lead up to Rohan Marx's 30th birthday party, where the band performed a most excellent cover of MSU's hit song, 'Salesman'.

At the beginning of 2003 Penny moved to Wellington and Hannah moved to Auckland. When the lack of excellent music in Hamilton became too much for the scene to cope with, the bra size limit was removed, Penny officially ended her association with the band and Pieces of Ass was reborn in 2004, with Roz on guitars and vocals. Nobody could really be bothered practising and so Pieces of Ass is now enduring another hiatus, but it is rumoured they will reform again in time for the 2007 Cambridge Road Guy Fawkes Party