Moonlight, Good Times and Boogie

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Free downloadable 2009 tribute compilation for Michael Jackson released by Cheese on Toast, which included MC Stormtroopa.


Moonlight, Good Times and Boogie art
  1. Black or White - Street Chant feat MC Stormtroopa
  2. I Want you Back - Lisa Crawley
  3. Remember the Time - Moppy
  4. Rock with You - Jenny Lange and Dean Roberts
  5. Human Nature - Uni and her Ukelele feat Griffin Point
  6. Heal the World - F in Math
  7. Got to be Startin' Somthin' - Goldenaxe
  8. They Don't Care About Us - 1995
  9. Outta My Life - Will Saunders and The Lowest Fidelity
  10. Rock With You - The Bemsha Swing
  11. Who is It - The Brothers and Friends
  12. Remember the Time - Connan Mockasin feat Wild Bill Ricketts