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The Metropole was a venue opened c. late 1983 at 15 Ulster St, and licenced to hold 900 patrons. Performances at the opening were by Two White Eyes and The Mockers. An early gig was played there by The Chills, with The Expendables, Doublehappys and Childrens Hour, on 6 March 1984. Other gigs included DD Smash (21 January 1984), Dance Exponents (10, 11, 24 February 1984), Body Electric (23, 24 December 1983; 13, 14, 19, 21 April 1984), The Party Boys (feat. Dave Dobbyn, Jenny Morris, and others; 27 April 1984,) Mockers (28 April 1984), and Narcs (11 May 1984).

Significant later gigs included Hunters and Collectors in April 1986, Dr Feelgood on 21 May 1987, and The Angels (with Knightshade) on 8 July 1987. The venue became Roxof in late 1987.

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