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GodsQ, later known simply as Q were: Paul Innes - who also went by the name of Pauli Bryan at this time - (guitar, vocals), Evay Judge (keyboards, electric percussion, DJ), Damien Daniels (bass, keyboards, backing vocals) and Roger Smith (drums). Pauli and Evay previously collaborated as co-founders of Diastop and Slit (a.k.a The Slit Family). Sometimes described as an Auckland band, members of the band were in fact based between both Hamilton and Auckland.

GodsQ were active from approximately 2004 - 2006. The band's musical direction represents an amalgamation of dark, heavy, melodic alternative rock influences combined with experimental electronic and post-industrial elements; equally heavy emphasis being placed on both rhythm and harmony.

Live, the band played predominantly around Auckland, Hamilton, and the Bay of Plenty region, on billings alongside the likes of Slipping Tongue, Stardrunk and The New Caledonia.

In 2005 the song The Private Life was released on an international promo-sampler Kiwi Rocks, given away free with Rock Sounds magazine.

In late 2005/early 2006 the band's name was briefly shortened to Q, before Daniels and Smith decided to leave the group. Innes and Judge were in the process of making the project trans-Tasman, which the others were unable to commit to. Q has since become The Beautiful Burn.

Innes and Judge are also pivotal members of the EvL Productions label and production company, run from The Bassment studios in Hamilton, and involving a range of other projects and collaborations.

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