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Out of the ashes of the self destruction of Ralgan funk band Blinder, came FUSE. With the addition of Ashley Knox on guitar, and Renee Dawson (5 Girls) on vocals, the rhythm section of Glen (G.C.) Campbell on drums, and Andy Banks on bass, plus Jabin Ward on sax formed in late 1996. In 3 days of writing, a set of instrumental tunes was recorded, which had lyrics added the next week by Renee.
A cutting edge style of live Hip Hop & drum & bass styles, with jazz and funk flavours was the result of this musical combination. A fortnight later, the band began playing gigs, clocking up 6 in the next month, culminating in a sold out New Years eve gig at the Tongue and Groove in Raglan. The new year began with the band cutting several tunes for radio, and setting up some gigs with the New Loungehead from Auckland. Many of these gigs had hand multi coloured screen printed posters which were produced in small runs by bass player Andy Banks. Fuse performed one Live to Air on Contact FM, which was recorded, and released to the student radio network around the country as the Adventures of the Analogue Monster EP.
Although the band played and recorded for another 4 years before breaking up, this was their only release.