Down the Rabbit Hole

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Down the Rabbit Hole was an annual event held between 2012 and 2017, which featured bands from a mix of genres, including metal, funk and acoustic artists. The event was held in the first year featuring three bands at Ward Lane, moved to Axces Bar in 2013, and from 2014 was held at Altitude.


"Down the Rabbit Hole" art, 2016

Saturday 22 July 2017, Altitude

Saturday 23 July 2016, Altitude

Saturday 18 July 2015, Altitude

Saturday 26 July 2014, Altitude

  • Dead Teach the Living
  • Cheshire Grimm
  • (IN) HUMAN
  • Ovus
  • Snake Oil Peddlers

Friday 26 July 2013, Axces Bar

Saturday 21 July 2012, Ward Lane

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