Darkness Gathering II

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Limited promo compilation of artists performing at the Darkness Gathering II festival in Wellington, 2001; given away free at the festival and to media. Features Disjecta Membra.


Darkness Gathering II cover art
  1. Gydja (featuring Jordan Reyne) - Lilith
  2. The Drawing Room - The Garden
  3. Disjecta Membra - ...and Close Your Eyes (Sympathy For Her Heroine Mix)
  4. Winterland - Twighlight
  5. Torture by Roses - Danse Diabolique (The Magdalene Mix)
  6. Nothinghunger - Serpent Self
  7. Gugonix - nihil[001]
  8. Hog Haul Valentine - Torn
  9. The Harlequin Cube - Everybody's Got A Problem
  10. N.U.T.E - Drone Function v0.1