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Benjamin Thomas Cauchi moved to Hamilton from Wellington in 1995. He had been a member of the Wellington indie band SKWISH between 1993 and 1995, and was also briefly in Palmerston North's Exquisite Corpse. He became the bassist in Disjecta Membra from 1995 - 1997 before returning to Wellington.

He was at one time a candidate for The McGillicuddy Serious Party. His policies were largely with regards to his being dead, and as such, he was touted by the party as an advocate for the rights and freedoms of other dead individuals such as himself. He consequently had very little to say on the matter, while his constituency exhibited a very poor turn out in the polls. Noted also for his motionlessness onstage, he was later said to have been dropped from Disjecta Membra due to his lack of energy and "because he smelt funny".

Finding success neither as a musician nor a polititian, Dead Ben since returning to Wellington has at last found acclaim by aptly turning his hand to Still Life - becoming a very accomplished and esteemed artist/photographer with a penchant for the surreal.

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