An Evening at Poles Apart

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An Evening at Poles Apart was a compilation released by Kiwi (SLC-56) in 1968. It featured four songs by Hamilton County Bluegrass Band.


An Evening at Poles Apart cover art
  1. Bill Taylor – The Kerry Recruit
  2. Redd Sullivan – Backwater Blues
  3. Jim Higgott & Charlie Stewart – Robert E Lee And If You Knew Susie
  4. Mark & Angela Pedrotti – Gone The Rainbow
  5. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band – Hamilton County
  6. Redd Sullivan – I Live In Trafalger Square
  7. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band – My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
  8. Bill Taylor – I Loved A Lass
  9. Theima Blyth – Dr. Wango-Tango
  10. Redd Sullivan & chorus – Sea Shanties: Little Sally Racket / Haul On The Bowline; Bye Bye Blackbird
  11. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band – Doug's Tune
  12. Dave Jordan (5) – Giving Everything Away
  13. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band – Rabbit In The Log