A Bouquet of Barbed Wire

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1996 compilation of mostly Australian artists released by Heartland Records (HL06), featuring Hamilton's Disjecta Membra.


A Bouquet of Barbed Wire cover art
  1. Love Lies Bleeding - Bride of Death
  2. Eden - Stone Cat (Siamese Mix)
  3. Subterfuge - The Judas In Me
  4. Logic Stain - D.I.Y.C.
  5. Hawkwind - Master of the Universe (Salt Tank Mix)
  6. Leviathan - Slow Pain
  7. Discordia - Fix Mix
  8. Meridian - Ritual
  9. Disjecta Membra - Cauldron of Cerridwen (single edit)
  10. Life Eternal - My Intimate Madness
  11. Neuropaque - Static Conscience
  12. The Baroness and Love Lies Bleeding - Dark Beauty
  13. Control - P.W.H. (remix)

The artwork on the cover and sleeve of "A bouquet of barbed wire" was illustrated by Damian Michaels, the Melbourne based artist who is founder and publisher of 'Art Visionary', an art compendium which showcases modern surealists and various other forms of 'outsider' fine arts.