'Rarities' and Other Crap

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'Rarities' and Other Crap is an compilation released by Dynamo Go in 2009. Only a couple of copies were made to be given away at the release shows of The Fool of Fountain City. It features early recordings of songs featured on Folly, Vice and Madness EP and Affordable Pop Music as well as demos from The Fool of Fountain City.



1. Radio Intro
2. Kicking the Oxygen Habit (early demo)
3. If this Beard Had Wings (early version)
4. Retail Guru (early version)
5. Thief of Hearts (early version)
6. 302 (demo)
7. Crying on my Street (demo)
8. Sad Again (demo)
9. Teenage Misogynist (live at The Jerkpad)
10. Radio
11. New Bed Science (demo)
12. Your Music (demo)
13. Teenage Misogynist (outtake from Affordable Pop Music)
14. Johnny the Punk (really rough demo)
15. Already Met Your Mother (piano demo)
16. Frozen to the Bone (demo)
17. Fountain City (demo)
18. Final Reunion (original piano version)
19. Radio End